Deine Specialty Coffee Box

Mit monatlich abwechselnden Kleinströstereien aus ganz Europa!

Unsere Röstereien im Mai

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The Visit Coffee Roastery

"We believe that making a great cup of coffee starts at the source. The source of each coffee we serve are green beans. Our green beans mainly come from farmers we visited, farmers we shook hands with and people who share the same passion for coffee. Direct relationships are what we build trust and transparency on. Our farmers work to ensure that your cup of coffee stays delicious year after year.

Our job continues with roasting the beans to perfection. Always having the ambition to enhance the maximum of clarity and flavor in a cup. With the help of newest roasting technology (Loring Falcon) we roast bright, clean and bodied coffees. To ensure a steady high quality we track color, density and humdity levels of the beans.

Good things should last long, therefore we flush nitro gas in our speciality coffee to prolong freshness for you. At The Visit we source, buy, roast and brew coffee for you at our very best."

Populus Coffee Roastery

"We are an independent specialty coffee roastery based in Neukölln, Berlin with strong Nordic roots. Populus Coffee is owned by a Finnish family but formed by all the people growing, processing, sourcing, roasting, brewing and enjoying our coffees.

We use some of the best beans in the world and we roast them according to Nordic traditions. The beans that we work with are chock-full of sweetness and flavors. We roast the beans just enough to bring out the inner flavors and aromas in raw coffee; ripe berries, tropical fruits, chocolate, floral notes, nuttiness, and pleasant acidity.

Coffee is our life. We take great pride in what we do and the way we do it. It all comes down to sharing the same passion and working with same minded people throughout the whole coffee chain. Therefore we value long-lasting relationships to ensure transparency, quality, and truly fair trade."

Mit Aroma Sunrise

Kaffeefreude schenken

Zaubere Deinen Liebsten ein Lächeln ins Gesicht, indem Du echten Kaffeegenuss schenkst. Wir bieten Kaffee-Geschenkboxen mit ausgewählten Inhalten, die eine spannende Geschichte erzählen.

Geschenke für Kaffeeliebhaber

Die Kaffeewelt entdecken

Passend zur bestellten Kaffeevarietät erhältst Du Zubereitungstipps vom Profi, sowie spannende Informationen über die jeweiligen Anbauregionen Deines Kaffees und die Kaffeefincas.


Speciality Coffee genießen

Wir bringen die Vielfalt exotischer Kaffeevarietäten zu Dir nach Hause. Freue dich auf Kaffeebohnen, sorgfältig, liebevoll und frisch geröstet von ausgewählten europäischen Specialty Coffee Roasters.